To Bulk or Not To Bulk?

What is acceptable for bulk pick up…

Furniture, carpeting, tires (4), bundled brush, doors, mattresses, extra household waste, yard debris, ect.

What is NOT acceptable for bulk pick up…

Hazardous materials, cardboard, construction/remodeling debris, plywood, bricks, rocks, cinder blocks, stone, concrete, mortar, sand, sheetrock, insulation, flooring, shingles, siding, dirt, stumps, Electronic Waste (computers, televisions, monitors, gaming systems, etc.), metal (see below), house move outs or clean outs.

Is metal considered bulk pick up…

Metal is NOT picked up with bulk trash. Since metal can be recycled through our recycling program, we require resident to notify our department to schedule a separate pick up. Metal is picked up every Friday regardless of your bulk pick up day.  Request must be received by 2:00 pm on the Thursday prior to your pick up.  Residents can request picked up either through our website or by calling 856.629.4444.

When is my Bulk Pick Up ?

2021 Monday & Thursday trash collection:  bulk pick up is the 1st & 3rd Friday of each month.

Jan. 2 (Saturday) & 15

Feb. 5 & 20 (Saturday)

March 5 & 19

April 3 (Saturday) & 16

May 7 & 21

June 5 (Saturday) & 18

July 2 & 16

Aug. 6 & 20

Sept. 3 & 17

Oct. 1 & 15

Nov. 6 (Saturday) & 19

Dec. 3 & 17

2021 Tuesday & Wednesday trash collection: Bulk pick up is the 2nd & 4th Friday of each month.

Jan. 8 & 23 (Saturday)

Feb. 12 & 26

March 12 & 26

April 10 (Saturday) & 23

May 14 & 28

June 11 & 25

July 10 (Saturday) & 23

Aug. 13 & 27

Sept. 11 (Saturday) & 24

Oct. 8 & 22

Nov. 13 (Saturday) & 27 (Saturday)

Dec. 10 & 24 (Bulk Pick up will take place on Christmas Eve)


There shall be no collection of commercial trash or construction debris by the Township of Monroe as defined in Chapter 239 of the Monroe Township Code.

COMMERCIAL TRASH – Any debris, garbage, or trash not created by household consumption or use or any other debris, garbage, or trash such as building materials and other discarded items not normally accumulated through household consumption, even if such debris was generated by a household.

CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS – Debris that is generated by a contractor or by an occupant. A dumpster will be required on site during all phases of construction or demolition. The Construction Code Official will advise of dumpster requirements at the time of permit application.