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The position of Director of Law/Township Solicitor was created pursuant to Monroe Township Code Section 4-60, et al. The powers and duties of the Township Solicitor are set forth in the respective sections of the Code.

The Director of Law/Township Solicitor is appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of Township Council. The Solicitor serves for the term of the Mayor. The powers and duties of the Township Solicitor are as follows:

  • Represent the Township of Monroe in all legal matters and shall advise and assist the Township Council, the Mayor and the departments as required in the administration of Township government. He shall attend all meetings of the Township Council, draft all ordinances and resolutions and give opinions and rulings on questions of law which may arise at Township Council meetings. He shall prepare or approve all legal instruments relating to the business of the Township. He shall represent the Township in any litigation and conduct trials, appeals and other proceedings affecting the interests of the Township as he may, in his discretion, determine to be necessary or desirable, subject to the approval of the Mayor and Township Council as may be required.
  • Maintain records of all legal actions and lawsuits, proceedings and matters which relate to the Township’s interest and report thereon from time to time as the Mayor or Township Council may require.
  • Have the power to enter into any agreement, compromise or settlement of any litigation in which the Township is involved, subject to the approval of the Township Council.
  • Have such other functions, powers and duties as may be provided by law.
  • Upon the termination of his service with the Township, forthwith surrender to his successor all Township property, papers and records, together with written consent for substitution of his successor in any pending actions or proceedings.  In addition to the duties set forth herein, the Township Solicitor is permitted to appoint special counsel as set forth in Chapter 4-63.