COVID Update: Zoning & Construction

Zoning & Construction Permit Application Process

The Zoning & Construction Offices current process is as follows: • All Applications for both Departments can be found on our website under “Forms & Applications” found at (

Be sure to print the Zoning Application Checklist to be able to complete the Application properly for submittal

• Print the applications and complete them in their entirety • Please be sure that any application that requires Zoning Approval, is obtained prior to sending the Construction Permit Application • Completed applications can be sent by mail or placed in the drop box at the Court side entrance on the Virginia Avenue side of the Municipal Building

Contact via Email

(856) 728-9800 ext 222

The Zoning Officer’s responsibility is to ensure that any proposed use, construction or alteration is a permitted use in the Zoning District and conforms to the Zoning Ordinance in area and setbacks. Before an applicant can undertake a project, a zoning permit must be applied for and obtained. A Zoning Permit application consists of the application requesting the Use or Proposed work with a Survey of the property completed within the last five years by a NJ Licensed Surveyor, and the applicable fee. The Zoning Officer makes the initial determination of whether the proposed project conforms to the Zoning Ordinance. If the Zoning Officer reviews a request and determines that the application requires any variance(s), it will be denied and referred to the Zoning Board of Adjustment or the Planning Board.

NOTE: An applicant may make a direct application to the Planning Board or the Zoning Board of Adjustment if they know their project will require a Board’s approval prior to applying for the Zoning Permit.

Zoning for Information can be found using the Gloucester County GIS mapping system here.
Property Record Cards can be located by searching the Tax Assessor’s Database here

In addition, the Zoning Officer is responsible for enforcement of the provisions of the municipal Zoning Ordinance, as well as determining whether or not a specific use is permitted in a particular zone. The Zoning Map and Zoning Requirement Flow Charts can be found there as well.

Here (Proposed Work List of Required Permits) is a list of some of the most commonly asked question types of work requested, and if they require a Zoning and/or Construction Permit.

Please feel free to contact our office at the number or email link at the top of this page.