Contact the Bureau of Fire Prevention via Email

Contact the Fire Marshal via Email

(856) 728-9800 Ext. 256

 Department of Public Safety, Bureau of Fire Prevention’s main mission is for the protection of life and property.

We inspect all buildings that are used by the public and are located within the boundaries of the Township of Monroe and assure that they meet the requirements of the New Jersey State Fire Code 5:70.

We issue fire safety permits to groups that use our schools and places of public assembly for dance recitals, plays, musicals, fireworks, etc.  We inspect and make sure that they comply with State fire code regulations before the event can begin.

We investigate or work along with the County Fire Marshal Office for fires that occur within the Township of Monroe. 

We review building plans for the locations of fire hydrants and water main sizes for new buildings and housing developments that are planning to build within the Township. 

We work along with the following departments to enforce the related ordinances in the Codes of the Township of Monroe:  Williamstown and Cecil Fire Departments, Construction Department, Zoning, Planning Board Department, Emergency Management and Department of Community Affairs. 

Campfire permits are now issued by the New Jersey Forest Fire Service in Mays Landing, NJ.