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is the discipline and profession of applying science, technology, planning and management to deal with extreme events that can kill or injure large numbers of people, do extensive damage and disrupt a community.

Refers to activities that actually eliminate or reduce the chance of occurrence or the effects of a disaster.
Recent research has shown that much can be done to either prevent major emergencies or disasters from ever happening, or if nothing else, at least reduce the damaging impact if they cannot be prevented.

The planning of how to respond in case an emergency or disaster occurs and working to increase resources available to respond effectively. Preparedness activities are designed to help save lives and minimize damage by preparing people to respond appropriately when an emergency is imminent. To respond properly, Gloucester County must have a plan for response, trained personnel to respond and necessary resources with
which to respond.

Is the activities occurring during and immediately after a disaster. These activities are designed to provide emergency assistance to victims of the event and reduce the likely hood of secondary damage. Gloucester County Office of Emergency Management, Gloucester County Police, and Local Fire, Police and Emergency Medical
Service providers are primary responders.

This is the final phase of the emergency management cycle. Recovery continues until all systems return to normal or near normal. Short term recovery returns vital life support systems to minimal operating standards. Long term recovery from a disaster may go on for years until the entire disaster area is completely redeveloped, either as it was in the past or for entirely new purposes that are less disaster prone. 

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Please make sure you have adequate homeowners’ insurance for natural disasters. FEMA is not an insurance company and may only cover a small portion of damage to your home, if anything at all.  Please check with your insurance agent to make sure you have enough coverage to protect your home and belongings in the event of flooding, hurricanes, and other natural disasters. You can find more information on FEMA’s website,