COVID Update: Monroe Municipal Court

The municipal court is currently holding court sessions virtually. Please contact the court office for more information.

If you wish to pay your traffic tickets or criminal time payments online the link is Municipal Ticket Search ( You may also dispute certain traffic tickets through this link,

If you would like to contact Monroe Courts please call856-728-9800 ext 500
fax 856-242-8168

The Municipal Court Office of Monroe Township is open Monday through Thursday from 7:00 am to 4:30 pm. We have court most Tuesdays and one Thursday each month. If you try to contact the court during a court session, you may have to try again on the next business day. If you wish to pay your traffic ticket or criminal time payment the online link is There is a township drop box located outside the building for your convenience as well.

If you need to know if a traffic ticket carries Motor Vehicle points; they are assessed by the MVC, and here is a link to the MVC just for that purpose.

Our telephone number is 856-728-9800 extension 500. Our fax number is fax 856-242-8168. Our mailing address is Monroe Township Municipal Court, 125 Virginia Ave., Williamstown, NJ 08094. This court will handle, to conclusion, all traffic matters, local ordinance violations, and disorderly persons offenses. Any indictable charges will be referred to the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office for their review. If the County Prosecutor decides to hear the matter, the case will be presented to a Grand Jury. In the event the Prosecutor’s Office declines to prosecute the case, the case will be remanded to this court to be scheduled for disposition.

If you wish to file a criminal or traffic complaint, you must come directly to our office during regular business hours to complete the necessary paperwork. Any complaint made, will be accepted for filing. The determination of probable cause to actually issue a complaint will depend on the facts presented. Please keep in mind, the court staff cannot rend legal advice, only an attorney licensed to do so can offer advice. If you need assistance with what charge to pick, you may ask a police officer, lawyer, the municipal prosecutor, or the county prosecutor. Court staff will help you navigate the process. There is no charge to file a complaint.

Submitting Documents for Court:  If you need to submit documents to the court, please use this link:  Judiciary Electronic Document Submission (JEDS) | NJ Courts    For instructions to submit documents electronically, utilize this link:  Submit a Municipal Court filing (