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Buildings and Grounds, a Division of the Department of Public Works, is responsible for all public properties:

Building Maintenance

The Division of Building Maintenance consists of staffing necessary to inspect and control all municipal buildings and keep them in good repair.  The department is responsible for the following properties:  Municipal Complex, Williamstown Fire Station, Cecil Fire Station, Cecil Park Building, Monroe Township Ambulance Building, Pfeiffer Community Center, Library, Historical Reading Room Building (on Library Street), Hall Street Little School, Ireland Hofer House, Owens Concession Stand, all Public Works Buildings and all Parks buildings.


The Custodial Division consists of staffing necessary to plan and complete all major as well as day-to-day cleaning of all Township facilities.

Division of Grounds Keeping

The Division of Grounds Keeping consists of staffing necessary to maintain all grounds in a safe and clean manner. Buildings and Grounds is responsible for the Township’s grassed areas, flower and shrub beds, trees and general policing of grounds for litter, as well as sidewalks on Township property.

The Department of Buildings and Grounds working hours are Monday through Friday, 7:00AM to 3:00PM with the Maintenance Staff on call 24 hours a day.