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Sustainable Monroe Township formed in 2013, in order to coordinate the Townships certification process in the Sustainable Jersey Program. As required, we formed a “Green Team” and got to work. We coordinated with our Monroe Township Schools, Residents, Businesses, Municipal Departments, and related organizations to work on the Actions needed for Certification. After submitting our certification for the third time, we were awarded Bronze Certification in November, 2016. In addition to attaining bronze certification, Monroe Township was also the recipient of the Rookie of the Year Award. This award recognizes a newly certified municipality that overcame challenges by effectively leveraging a wide range of internal and external resources to achieve success.

In 2016, we became a registered NJ Nonprofit, and initiated the Williamstown Organic Community Garden. The Garden is located behind the Free Public Library, 713 Marsha Ave, Williamstown, NJ 08094. This project generated a lot of Community interest, and we hope to see the Garden blossom into a great community space! We host monthly events at the Garden, and are looking forward to “growing” the Garden with additional members every year.



The Sustainable Jersey Certification & “Rookie of the year” awards were hung in the 1st floor main hallway of Town Hall, 125 Virginia Ave, Williamstown. Along with the awards is the current events listing the activities of Sustainable Monroe Township & the Williamstown Organic Community Garden.


Sustainable Jersey Overview

Our mission is to “achieve a sustainable New Jersey, one community at a time” through a comprehensive program that helps each municipality and school achieve their goals for the future, while making a collective impact toward our statewide goals. Our vision is a healthy, just, and efficient New Jersey where all decisions are made with future sustainability in mind. We bring together major public and private actors at the state and local level to align priorities and resources and support action in the 565 municipalities and over 2,500 schools in the state. The effort comes together through our voluntary sustainability certification programs for schools and municipalities.

In the eight years since the launch of the municipal program, 444 (and counting) municipalities have passed ordinances or resolutions to participate in the Sustainable Jersey program and have begun working to become Sustainable Jersey certified. Currently, 198 municipalities have met the certification standards entailing a five month review process, submission of extensive documentation, and transparent publication of the results. The point-based certification program currently has two levels of certification: Bronze (150 points required) and Silver (350 points required).

Sustainable Jersey for Schools was launched in October 2014 to an overwhelming response – demonstrating the need in schools for the training, workshops, toolkits and one on one support that we provide. As one of a handful of Founding Sponsors, South Jersey Gas support was critical to the launch of this new program. There are currently 258 school districts and 635 schools signed up to participate – with more signups each day. Our second application cycle in 2016 saw the certification of 59 new schools, for a total of 118 certified schools, 9 of which met the requirements to become  silver certified.


Registration is underway for the 2nd season of the Williamstown Organic Community Garden! A meeting is being held this Saturday, 2/17/2018, at 10 am, please see the attached, or contact for more info 2018 Williamstown Organic Community Garden Registration



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