This is just a note to let you know about some upcoming events:

Saturday March 1,2008 at 7:30 p.m. at the Reading Room on Main & Library Streets. We would like to present Storyteller Baba Abiodun (Phillip J. Harris). Through his storytelling and visual arts, he capures the imaginations of children and adults with a sound repertoire of animal, folk, family and community tales. Please come join us for this special event.

Saturday March 8, 2008, at 7:30 p.m. at the Reading Room on Main & Library Streets.Performance in Drama & Song: We will reverberate with the beautiful voice of Sherilyn Kyle who will perform accompanied by Ms. Geneva Bost at the piano a selection of music commemorating women in Black History. We will also welcome that evening a performance by Reverend Linda Calhoun who will present a dramatic interpretation of Harriet Tubman in costume and character. Please don’t miss this uplifting evening. Light refreshments will be served.

Saturday March 15, 2008 from 10 am – 1pm. The Monroe Township Historical Society will host an Antique Roadshow from Audubon Auctionners. at the Reading Room on Main St. & Library St. There will be a fee of $5.00 for every 2 items. For further information contact the Historical Society at 856-875-2943

School Tours

Last year, we were able to host several school tours including a tour attended by the history department heads of every school in the township. These tours must take place during the school day and are generally from 9:15 to 11:45 as the students come by bus or walk and return to school for the lunch period. We are in need of volunteers who can come during the day and we thank all of our past volunteers who have helped us with the school tours. We get such wonderful letters from the students and good feedback from the teachers. Dr. Terrill, Superintendent of Schools supports our efforts in bringing Williamstown history to our students so rest assured, this is good work that you are doing.

Saturday Open Houses

The idea for Saturday Open Houses has been suggested since the volunteers who traditionally came on Thursdays have dwindled down to a precious few. If you can volunteer on a Saturday, we can rotate the volunteers so that you will only be obligated perhaps two or three times. I do believe, however, that we need to couple these Saturdays with either an exhibit or historic craft classes or something that we can publicize that would draw visitors. Over the years as a volunteer, I have learned that “being open” is one thing and “having visitors” are two very different things. The County museum is open one Sunday a month and couples their open houses with specific exhibits. Maybe we can learn from their success.

Field Trips

We have interest in a trip to the Blue Hole. Also, there is a great craft fair and open house at the Batsto Mansion in September as well as a re-enactment at Red Bank Battlefield on the Delaware which is such an interesting thing to attend. If we have people interested, please call me and I will try to get a group together for these things.

That is all for now. I hope to see all of you in the coming year. I pray for your good health and trust you will join us again at the Historical Society. Please call me for more information 856-629-3368.