Certificate of Occupancy Inspection Procedures as of 9/9/2020

Vacant Homes or Occupied Homes

You may choose one of the following options as the procedure for a scheduled Certificate of Occupancy Inspection:

Unlock Door at 8:30 am and return at 3 pm to lock up the house.  Certificate of Occupancy or Violation sheet will be left on the kitchen counter.


Wait outside when the inspector arrives for a brief time.


Wear mask and practice social distancing during the inspection.

*Please note: If someone in the home has been ordered to quarantine, please cancel the inspection and reschedule after the required quarantine time frame.

If you do not follow one of the above procedures for the Certificate of Occupancy inspection the inspection will not be conducted, and must be rescheduled.

Lock Boxes will not be utilized for inspections.

Any questions please contact 856-728-9800 ext. 296.

Should you choose not to follow one of the above protocols, the inspection will not be conducted and must be rescheduled.


Contact via Email

(856) 728-9800 Ext. 289

The Planning Board has a wide range of responsibilities, among which is the responsibility of making many important decisions.  Planning Boards are directly responsible for generating and updating a Municipality’s Master Plan, and are involved in developing and effectuating broad land use policies for guiding the growth of a municipality.  An integral part of a municipality’s decision making process in the Master Plan.  Without the land use element of the Master Plan, a Municipality cannot have a valid Zoning Ordinance.

The Planning Board has specific authorities over subdivision control and site plan review, the Official Map, Zoning Ordinances and the Capital Improvements Program.   Moreover, it has been vested with quasi-judicial power in that when reviewing subdivision and site plan applications, it can decide “C” Variances and establish procedures for the review of such applications.

The Planning Board may also become involved in the review of other State or Federal programs or plans, assemble data for planning purposes and perform other advisory duties as assigned to it by the Governing Body, to aid them in planning process.

If you have any questions please feel free to email the Director of Community Development at rflaherty@monroetownshipnj.org.

2017 Members:

Mr. Agnesino

Mr. Cooper

Vice Chairman, Crane

Ms. Flaherty

Councilman Heffner

Mr. Masterson

Chairman, O’Brien

Mr. Scardino

Mayor Teefy

Alt.1, Ms. Hui

Alt. 2, Mr. Cotton


Mr. Rocco, Attorney

Mr. Jordan, Engineer

Mr. Kernan, Planner

Secretary, Rosemary Flaherty (Acting)

Transcriber, Rosemary Flaherty (Acting)