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(856) 728-9800 ext 289

Make housing inspections and issue certificate of occupancy on all rentals and re-sales; responsible for state inspections on all hotels and multiple dwellings; keep track and make requests on affordable housing; review plans and issue Zoning Permits; investigate complaints from the public and take enforcement action when necessary.
Issue summons for violations to be settled in court; give general information on zoning and guide the public as to the proper procedure to obtain necessary approvals for the construction and or use desired; make necessary inspections on automobile dealerships before receiving Township approvals; work closely with the following departments in the enforcement of the Township codes, Police, Emergency Management, Construction Official, Board of Health and Sanitation Department.

If you have any questions or concerns about Housing or Zoning, please email the Director at rflaherty@monroetownshipnj.org.

To register a foreclosure property (or to file a citizen complaint regarding a property issue), please visit http://community.prochamps.com/nj/gloucester/monroe-township.  Any questions with respect to registration requirements, registration status, etc. should be directed to SUPPORT@PROCHAMPS.COM.  

If you have any questions or concerns about an abandoned property or vacant property, please email the Abandoned Property Administrator at tapark@monroetownshipnj.org.


Housing Inspector, Dan Kozak

Abandoned Property Administrator, Tara Park

Director, Rosemary Flaherty