Monroe Township Unveils New Logo !

Monroe Township Unveils New Logo !




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Officials from Williamstown/Monroe Township, NJ in Monroe Township unveiled a new logo and branding initiative on June 4. (L-R) are Monroe Township Council President Cody Miller, Monroe Township Mayor Daniel P. Teefy, Main Street Chairman Ernie Carbone, and Monroe Township Councilman Marvin Dilks.


Williamstown, NJ – June 6, 2016 – Come Grow With Us!” It’s the message behind the new Williamstown, NJ logo and accompanying tagline that was officially unveiled June 4 by the Monroe Township Economic Development Commission (EDC).

“We are excited to have this branding initiative in place,” said Mayor Daniel P. Teefy. “The new logo and tagline are vital tools that will assist our city in gaining recognition for our wonderful community and Main Street area. We are growing residentially and open for business and pleasure; we invite everyone to “Come Grow With Us!” The new logo and tagline serve as an immediately recognizable identifier for the community – a valuable tool and an asset for promotion.

In an effort to promote economic development and the benefits of moving to and living in Williamstown, Mayor Teefy, Township Council and the Economic Development Commission sought to promote the assets of our township as a welcoming, thriving and growing community.

Several discussions and brand discovery sessions were held with Williamstown’s appointed agency, Suasion Communications Group, to develop and conceptualize the branding and logo – the branding document’s narrative helped to mold the direction of the new Williamstown logo.

The logo’s graphics feature lampposts and trees that embody a classic and charming streetscape and walkable downtown. The green and blue colors were selected to convey the town’s energy, strength, growth, and green surroundings.

“In conceptualizing this logo, we wanted to create a simple yet striking and instantly recognizable look that would be – once integrated in signage, letterhead and other promotional means – instantly equated to Williamstown,” said Main Street Chairman Ernie Carbone. “We believe this new logo will achieve just that. It will also unify Williamstown under one brand that tells the story of our community as a whole.”

The official Branding Document serves as a useful foundation, narrative and script for branding Williamstown; and details the many developing assets offered by this burgeoning community. Ideally positioned between Philadelphia and the Jersey Shore and close by Rowan University, Williamstown offers the fastest growing residential community in the region and a dynamic economic environment, in which new businesses flourish and existing businesses can grow and thrive.

Williamstown’s Highlights include:

A great place to live: Ranked Nerd Wallet’s #1 Place for Homeownership in New Jersey in 2014, Williamstown sits in the heart of Monroe Township in Gloucester County, NJ; offering a superb quality of life, an award-winning school system (Blue Ribbon), an active family-oriented community, and desirable residential neighborhoods. The trade area population stands at over 38,000 and is expected to grow an additional 5,000 in the next few years.

Business sweet spot: With a fast-growing population that is not fully served by existing commercial businesses, strategic positioning between several major highways, and a business-centric environment with a lengthy business corridor, Williamstown offers an excellent opportunity for business success, including a classic downtown area for small businesses to call home, as well as miles of acreage and space designated for retail, office, and commercial development along Route 322.

Pro-Business Local Government: Attractive commercial real estate, combined with incentive programs, a progressive, pro-business local government, and a central location between Philadelphia and the Jersey Shore makes Williamstown an ideal choice for establishing a business.

The local government aggressively pursues pro-business initiatives, considers economic development a primary concern and recognizes that the commercial base and that shopping local is of vital importance to the overall well-being of the community.

New Director of Community Development and Zoning Officer: The Director of Community Development and Zoning Officer eases the process in locating a business to Williamstown, assists businesses in overcoming obstacles and connects business owners with appropriate resources, based on their individual needs. This position was created to ensure that businesses coming in to play a role in the metamorphosis taking place here are well taken care of and experience a seamless process in establishing their place in town.

Green community: Williamstown offers green incentives throughout the business planning process and participates in the Sustainable NJ program through Sustainable Monroe Township. Monroe Township’s Green Team and Environmental Commission promote efficient and responsible use of land, water and other natural resources. Additionally, a municipal multi-modal transportation plan has been developed to promote safer and effective travel to locations and better access to parks, schools.

Williamstown Chamber of Commerce: The newly formed Chamber kicked off in early 2016 and is quickly growing in numbers and popularity. The Chamber offers a variety of benefits for any size business and fosters networking and business support.

Downtown/Main Street: Offering a unique mix of stores, including the Grand Theatre, Guitar Center, Yoga, Williamstown Ballet Theatre, Williamstown Arts Center, Cakes and Cookies Food Mart, and The Thrift Specialists.  Williamstown’s charming and walkable downtown is a New Jersey Main Street and is adding new businesses regularly.

Williamstown is in the midst of hitting a tipping point; a metamorphosis triggered by a dynamic explosion of new residents, progressive, pro-business leadership and innovative planning; and is hitting its stride by becoming the balanced, well-rounded community it was always destined to be.

Characterized by successes in planning, residential, economic and business development, Williamstown is taking its progressive vision to the next level. Presently under development is a new website that will promote all the ways visitors, potential residents and businesses can “Come Grow With Us!”

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